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Advantag organizes exhibitions and conferences in the State of Kuwait. In a number of years, it has been recognized as a leading institution in its business and management activities in Kuwait.

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Advantage Vision

We will be happy to provide a wide range of expo and events covering all sectors of the business, which will allow the company to extend outstanding marketing services to all its customers, including direct marketing and telemarketing.

Advantage Standard

we have also been provided with a special section for the work of expertise in exhibitions, from the processing of the fields of the expo and events and the preparation of the most efficient services.

Real Time Analytics

Advantage provides exhibition and events to improve your event experience already during the conference. The comprehensive meeting analytics remove uncertainty so you can make decisions.

Expo Management

Advantage Expo offers exhibitions and events solutions that are not only adapted to corporate events, but also to mass traffic environments such as large exhibitions, festivals.

Advantage Marketing

Marketing efforts ahead of the exhibition to generate interest and encourage visitors. Live exhibition: Marketing efforts that take place during the exhibition to attract guests to your exhibit.

Event Management

Here are some strategies to keep your pipeline full and help ensure that customers keep coming. Always be selling. And marketing, Keep in contact with former customers, Create a waiting list.

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Success Partners

Expo Optimization

Measuring the success of an event participation is key to many companies. Our counting system allows you to know precisely how many visitors came to your booth and to calculate return on investment.

Added Values

Measuring the performance of your conference room can be complicated when multiple conferences are happening. We deliver to you a clear comparison and help you to build your next conference content.

Expo Development

Events and exhibitions are important grounds for businesses to make lasting impressions and present their products and services. the main ideas behind an expo presence is lead generation and utilizing direct sales opportunities.


Marketing efforts ahead of the exhibition to generate interest and encourage visitors. Live exhibition marketing: Marketing efforts that take place during the exhibition to attract guests to your exhibit and encourage other last-minute guests to attend.


Our exhibition stand designers can create almost anything, from traditional shell schemes to large bespoke stands that truly communicate a brand culture and create a meaningful impact on those who see and hear about your stand.

We Analysis

Optimize staff allocation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your event or expo area during power hours. Increase overall visitor satisfaction.

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Our Target

Team work

Knowing the elements for effective teamwork can help you to build and maintain performance throughout your organization.

Time Management

Time management is the process of planning and exercising control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase efficiency or productivity.

New Industries

Discover the popular areas and aisles your visitors are being attracted to within your events or expos. Understand the reasons behind the performance.

Public Relation

Plublic relations is the success of your campaigns and different media channels used in different areas across your expo area and booths.